Douglas Goetsch
Wherever You Want

Pavement Saw Press Chapbook Award Series
Winner of the 1996-97 Chapbook Award
Chosen by Len Roberts
ISBN 1-886350-79-5
32 Pages, 5.5 by 8.5, Perfect Bound

This collection is out of print

This  collection includes poems which first appeared in The New York Quarterly, The Iowa Review, Mudfish, Nimrod, The Atlanta Review, The Ledge, and Hanging Loose.

These poems have their definite rhythms and subtle music ringing as they present seemingly ordinary experiences in an extraordinarily wry and darkly humorous way. One of the poems "Dinosaur," is dedicated to Stephen Dobyns, and you can see his fearlessness in these poems as well as his compulsive brooding humanity. Douglas Goetsch has a large heart and he's found a richly modulated narrative voice to express it.

--Len Roberts


Wherever You Want adds up the random permutations of a life. As we approach the year 2000, the poetry of Douglas Goetsch reminds us that the opposite of chaos is structure. His craft counts--and goes on counting.

--Judith Kitchen


What draws me to Douglas Goetsch's poems is his fine eye for detail, but what keeps me is his ear and voice; tender yet aware, ironic but open. No one, poet included, is left off the hook, still nothing human is turned away.

--Cornelius Eady


Douglas Goetsch has a BA in Religion from Wesleyan University, an MA in American Civilization from New York University and has taught writing and English at Stuyvesant High School since 1987. He lives in Greenwich Village in New York City. This is his first collection of poems.