Maj Ragain
A Hungry Ghost Surrenders His Tacklebox

Paperback Edition
ISBN 1-886350-48-5
Perfect Bound, 6 by 9
Printed in a limited edition of 1100 copies

Poems of daily diligence, attenuated to the rhythms of rural life, meet with poems of Buddhist inspired meditations on how these rhythms fit into larger life patterns in Maj Ragain's latest collection, A HUNGRY GHOST SURRENDERS HIS TACKLEBOX. In his hands poetry becomes that dirt road winding back home, corn tassel, fencerows, the last light fading in the top branches of a century oak, bridging solitude and community, a way to offer one's longings to the world. "Pay the bill for the water/ in which you boil the rice. The rice sustains the body./ The water"-from A HUNGRY GHOST SURRENDERS HIS TACKLEBOX. Maj Ragain is the author of numerous poetry collections and chapbooks, including BURLEY ONE DARK SUCKER FIRED: COLLECTED POEMS, and TWIST THE AXE: A HORSEPLAYER'S STORY.