Ivan Argüelles & John M. Bennett
Chac Prostibulario

Paperback Edition
ISBN 1-886350-53-1
Oversized 8 by 9 inches
96 pages
A book length collaborative poem, 2001

Harold Norse states Arguelles is "the most outstanding poet since Pound for intellect," and when mixed with Bennett's pallet for sound, this collaboration written in five languages, fires up a new realm of concentrated stutterance for poetry. A Shakespearean punnery of language.

CHAC POSTIBULARIO ist ein ootwageous cuncocktioun ov linguadge in un estado ov tootal dis-schewelmento y abandonmento, un bytte loik der grayte Saynt John Lennon's immurtal "A Spaniard in the Works," et aussi un bytte loik le grand Saynt James Joyce's woiks, but a lot mo' apokaliptik ! Loines sech az "suerte de hermicranio, indeed, suckers bloom phaster in pfister hose" cunvince der reeder that die zwei Autoren ov dis ouvrage desurf to be hired to rekord saym, in its entoiredad, for der Nashunal Pubick Raydio, to be brodkasted in small porshuns every matins at foive dreissig ante meridiam. Durn on, dune in, dip in und oot -- in die wurds ov die auteurs, be "x-ed outta proporción bust- / ier with pasties flizzled to semble garters burning, jeezus arroz con 'poyo" ! Nut rekommendiert fuer reeders undah or ovah (fyll in der

--Anselm Hollo