Estrella's Prophecies II:
Dawn of the Living Fortune

extant / anabasis, VA, 2003
28 pgs
ISBN 1-930259-25-5

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First Edition 400 copies, Spring 2003. 5 3/8 by 8 1/4, 80lb white flecked cover paper, perfect bound , white interior pages. Collection contains the next 21 sonnets (from Estrella XXIII to XLIII) of the series.

Cover Illustration and one interior page Lance King

“The form of these prophecies are fortune-telling prophecies printed on cards that one would get for a quarter - maybe two quarters - at some Coney Island type board-walk penny-arcade thing where Estrella would be within a glass box peering into your future. Drop in a coin - get out a fortune. What a place for poetry. Poetry is of course prophecy. Baratier reminds us of this from his Delphi imagination. Exactly and wonderful. It is Baratier's imagination that generates these fortunes and we that are the fortunes of poetry and we are fortunate to get the poems that are twists of language and puns and endless playfulness of language and that darkness between humor that is life in America also. So they are not without a string. And they lead one into a magical and marvelous laberynthian of the might be possible, which is fortune anyway as one finds one's way into the poetic future. But not in anyway hostile to the ordinary because of course a fortune has to exist and you must find it, under a stump, in a pyramid or in this instance, in this book of poems, where in is a fortune of poetry.”


– Michael Basinski


These prophecies as writ first appeared in Caketrain, Combo, Heartlands Today, Lynx Eye, Poetry New York, Generator, Score, Skanky Possum, and Spinning Jenny.


#23 anthologized in Green Meanies: Poems of Hate and Envy. University of California, (forthcoming).

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