Estrella's Prophecies I:
Spinning the Wheel of Fortune

Runaway Spoon Press, FL, 2002
28 pgs
ISBN 0-944754-74-0

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First Edition 400 copies, Fall 2002. 4 1/4 by 5 1/2, red 80lb cover stock, saddle stapled, spine is on top edge (pages flip upward), white interior pages. Collection contains the first 22 sonnets of the series.

Cover Illustration by Lance King

“Pieces from a fortune telling vending machine. Our poor author is haunted by frequent outbursts of the future. This is from Prophecies II: Pity for something which you have done / to yourself is in short supply these days. / Do not let someone gouge your eyes out / this month. Overdone, archetypal anti-climatics, should be avoided…." Baratier's is a stern goddess, but she inspires poetry in ways Robert Graves would have found admirable. So it is written….”


–Dale Smith


These prophecies as writ first appeared in Asheville Poetry Review, Can we have our ball back, Generator, Outlet, Pebble Lake Review, Salt Hill, Ur-Vox, and Worc’s Aloud/ Allowed (Ed Dorn issue).


#1 & 2 were anthologized in the DC Poetry Anthology, 2000.


#18 was anthologized in Red, White & Blues: Poetic Vistas on the Promise of America. University of Iowa Press, 2004.

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